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Situated in Las Vegas, we have earned a reputation for outstanding patio construction. Our commitment to quality, coupled with a keen attention to detail, yields exceptional outcomes, bespoke to the distinct needs of our clients. Beyond crafting extraordinary patios, we offer a wide array of other concrete-related services, positioning us as your go-to resource for all concrete needs.

Whether you’re drawn to decorative concrete, stamped concrete, or other hardscaping endeavors, our dedicated team excels at materializing your vision with precision and flair. We infuse each project with a high degree of expertise and creativity, ensuring all components are implemented impeccably. Rely on our proficiency to metamorphose your outdoor area into a customized retreat that mirrors your individual aesthetic and amplifies the charm of your property. The patios we construct aren’t just practical spaces but a reflection of our devotion to craftsmanship and your unique style.

Patio Ideas

We take great pride in our extensive array of patio designs, from sleek modern configurations to rustic havens, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes and styles. No matter if you favor a minimalist contemporary patio or a warm, traditional area, our team possesses the knowledge and ingenuity to actualize your vision.

We understand the unique aesthetic and practical needs of each homeowner and customize every project to augment your property’s worth and suit your lifestyle. Our unyielding dedication to creativity and innovation ensures that we provide endless inspiration for your outdoor living experience. Depend on us to construct not just an outdoor area, but a sanctuary that is a reflection of your individuality and style.

Smooth Concrete Patios

Smooth-finished concrete patios provide a stylish and functional outdoor living space, adding a modern hint of sophistication to your outdoor areas for years of pleasure. Their sleek, resilient surfaces and low upkeep needs make them an intelligent selection for any residence. Appreciate the captivating allure and enduring advantages of these patios—versatile, robust enhancements that uplift both the visual appeal and worth of your property. Welcome the modern charm and lasting durability of smooth-finished concrete patios, forging a polished and urbane ambiance for your outdoor haven.

Concrete Stain

The application of stains allows for a wide range of styles and design predilections, whether you’re inclined towards natural, earthy hues or vivid, daring shades. We attain this adaptability by employing both acid and water-based stains on existing and fresh patio slabs, instilling a transformative element into your outdoor areas. These stains fulfill a dual function, offering the flexibility to forge a uniquely customized aesthetic that perfectly harmonizes with your vision, unveiling a broad spectrum of color possibilities.

Exposed Aggregate Patios

The distinctive charm of exposed aggregate concrete has made it a popular choice for patio finishes. Distinguishing it from other decorative concrete options, this method employs a rigorous washing or sandblasting process that exposes the incorporated stones, enriching the patio’s depth and texture. This technique results in a truly unique outdoor space that perfectly merges enthralling visual appeal with lasting strength. Consequently, it emerges as an outstanding selection for outdoor living areas, delivering both beauty and robustness.

Stamped Concrete

We breathe life into the ageless charm and visual appeal of stamped concrete, creating striking outdoor settings. Our skill set enables us to metamorphose your outdoor area into a mesmerizing retreat that mirrors your distinctive style and augments its practicality. Relish the elegance and toughness of our tailor-made stamped concrete patios, conceptualized to enrich and heighten your outdoor living adventure. Our installations are robust, necessitate little maintenance, and proffer customizable textures and hues, thereby increasing the allure of your property further.

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We are equipped with the necessary heavy machinery to carry out the safe and efficient removal of existing concrete.


If you need excavation services for new construction, demolition, or other projects, we are here to help.


Often, landscaping is necessary for concrete patio projects, and we are equipped to provide landscaping services to fulfill these requirements.


Schedule an appointment today for a professional estimate on concrete sealing to protect and enhance the look of your concrete surfaces.

Not All Patios Are Built Equal

Our involvement in patio creation extends beyond the technical prowess and creativity inherent in pouring concrete; it demands a meticulous eye for detail. Our duty involves comprehending the landscape, choosing materials judiciously, preparing the site painstakingly, and carrying out a seamless installation. We remain steadfast in our commitment to offering vital expertise, originality, and accuracy for patio creation. These components intertwine to generate not just patios, but striking outdoor zones that become evident each time you enter your outdoor refuge. More than just forming patios, these elements amalgamate to birth awe-inspiring outdoor spaces that you’ll treasure each time you venture into your outdoor haven.

Stamped Concrete Textures

Some of our more popular Concrete Patio textures below

Cobble Stone

In the style of the cobble stone streets of many countries in Europe


Great for the illusion of large slabs of Slate, Granite or Stone

Random Stone

A Random stone pattern with the stones being rounded

Ashlar Slate

Noted for its Square and rectangle shapes creating a attractive pattern

Patio Contactors

Before and After Patios

Acid Stained Patio Before

Freshly Poured Texture stamped Concrete patio before an acid stain.

Acid Stained Patio After

Acid stain has been applied to the stamped concrete patio.

Stamped Concrete Patio Before

Prepping for a new concrete patio.

Pattern Stamped Concrete After

Beautiful Front Yard Patio Completed.

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More Patio Options

Explore the wide array of materials and finishes for your new patio. Take a look at the options below to find the many choices for creating your ideal concrete patio.

Decorative Concrete Patios

As experts in crafting decorative concrete patios, we offer an array of finish styles that can be uniquely merged to form appealing borders. These aesthetics span from modest elegance to elaborate designs, all designed to align with your individual style and preferences. The pricing for these decorative patios can fluctuate considerably, dictated by aspects such as the intricacy of the design, the types of finishes and materials utilized, the patio’s dimensions, and any extra personalized features. Our commitment to employing top-tier materials and supreme craftsmanship guarantees the superior quality of your new concrete patio.

Patio Pavers

Paving stones present a wide spectrum of hues, textures, and customizable design patterns that can be moulded to fit your individual style, lending a classic and refined charm that enhances your outdoor area. Whether your preference leans towards a rural, rustic vibe or a more sleek, sophisticated look, these stones infuse a unique elegance and allure into your space. They allow you to bask in the perpetual beauty and uniqueness of paving stone patios, contributing a truly personal element to your outdoor haven.

Raised Patios

Beyond our range of services, we also excel in building raised concrete patios, a procedure that usually includes reinforced boundaries and extra base materials. Our pledge is to work in close partnership with you to create a patio area that flawlessly integrates practicality with your property’s aesthetic allure. This allows you to revel in the adaptability and multi-dimensional depth of a raised patio, ingeniously designed to amplify your outdoor setting while also offering a heightened outdoor living experience.

Saw Cut Textured Patios

Saw Cutting into a concrete patio not only lends a modern sophistication to its aesthetic but also highlights the proficiency of our skilled team in effortlessly combining these cuts with your patio design. The outcome is a final product that surpasses your aesthetic expectations, be it a minimalist, modern allure you’re after or a more traditional, detailed design. Our dedication lies in closely collaborating with you to actualize your vision, ensuring your patio genuinely mirrors your distinct style and tastes.

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 Stamped concrete is the most attractive yet can make leveling a table a bit more of a challenge than a smooth. There really is not right or wrong answer its all about personal preference. Get in touch with us and we will share our experience. 

 Quite often this can be completed if there is enough space under the door jams that leads out to the patio. We can sometimes offer a topping if not enough room for typical concrete slab thickness. 

There are quite a few reasons concrete can crack. We can tell you we take all the typical crack preventative measures we can when we pour your patio. For more details get in touch with us today.

Both Broom and smooth finish are our least expensive finishes. Both of these finishes are still attractive and timeless, blending with nearly any house exterior or landscaping. 

 Yes if you consider yourself a handyman type person. If your not one to do repairs around the house then get in touch with us, we would be apply to apply a professional sealer.

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I am absolutely thrilled with the outstanding stamped concrete patio that this company has crafted for me! I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their home with a beautiful concrete patio. The stamped concrete design has completely transformed my outdoor space... Five stars
Alana Plinket
The team at this company has skillfully brought our elevated concrete patio concept to life with finesse and flair. The meticulous attention to detail and structural integrity of the raised platform has surpassed our expectations. It's not just a patio; it's a statement piece that has added a new dimension to our home. Kudos to the entire team for their exceptional work!
Ari Sweeney
We are over the moon with our new patio and can't thank them enough for making our outdoor dreams a reality
Walt Fields
The crew did a great job on my new sidewalk. Very conscientious, left the site clean and tidy. This is the second time I have used this company they are great!
lala Ivey

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Committed to bringing your vision to life, our aim is to enrich your outdoor living experience with a concrete patio that radiates superior artistry, refinement, and lasting allure. Our promise ensures a seamless and cooperative process, making sure your patio evolves into a prominent attribute of your property. We exceed your expectations by demonstrating a fervor for crafting outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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